Saturday, October 02, 2004

Which bus will you ride?

Love is like waiting for a bus.
When the bus comes, you look at it and you say to yourself" full....cannot sit down, I'll wait for the next one."So you let the bus go and waited for the second bus.
Then thesecond bus came, you looked at it you said,"eeee...this bus is so shabby!"So you let the bus go and again, decided to wait for the next bus.After a while another bus came, it's not crowded, not old but you said,"eeee...not air conditioned ...better wait for the next one."So again you let the bus go and decided to wait for the next bus.
Then the sky started to get dark as it was getting late. You panickedand jumped immediately inside the next bus. It is not until muchlater that you found out that you had boarded the wrong bus!And you wasted your time and money just to get into the wrong one!Even if an air conditioned bus comes, you can't ensure that the airconditionedbus won't break down or whether or not the airconditioner will be too coldfor you.Wanting to get what you want is not wrong. But it wouldn't hurt togive other people a chance. If you find that the "bus" doesn't suityou just press the red button and get off the bus! Hey, who said lifeis fair???The best thing to do is be observant and open-minded. Ifit doesn't suit you, get off.I'm sure you've had this experience before. You saw a bus coming (thebus you want of course). You flagged it but the driver acted asif he did not see you and zoomed pass you! It just wasn't meant foryou!
The bottom line is, being loved is like waiting for a bus you want.Getting on the bus and appreciating the bus by giving it a chancedepends totally on you. If you haven't made any choice, WALK!Walking is like being single.
The good side of it is you canstill choose any bus you want...the rest who couldn't afford anotherride would just have to be content with the bus they rode on, uglyor not.Also, sometimes it is better to choose a bus you are alreadyfamiliar with rather than to gamble with a bus that is unfamiliar toyou. But then again, life wouldn't be complete without the risksinvolved.
But there is one bus that I failed to tell you about.- the Bus you donot have to wait for, the Bus that will stop on its own and askyou if you wish to come inside, then take you for a joy ride forthe rest of your life.Hope you get to ride on that bus! :)God said: "Build a better world." I said:"How?The world is such a complicated, cold, dark place and there isnothing I can do."But Godsaid: "Just build a better you."


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